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How to Wear Your Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are very popular now since they can be blended easily to look like your normal hair. Due to the ease in which you can style them, clip-in extensions made of human hair are not hard to see today. They may be conditioned, teased, colored, and shampooed without damaging them. Human hair extensions are preferred by many folks over synthetic hair which might easily be destroyed by constant handling and styling.

Like a specialist, you can style your 100% real hair extensions with a little patience and coaching. You can be as imaginative as possible- use it long and straight, curl up it or set it in braids. You'll find several options that you can try concerning styling human hair extensions, although many women prefer the long and sleek look.

There are several easy steps that you must follow to produce the best look with your Brown clip in human hair extensions. You need to keep your human hair tidy, and also you need to remove knots before you place clips in hair extensions. Make sure you utilize a superb hair straightener if you want to straighten your hair before you put the clip in the extensions. You can also use a flat iron on human hair extensions but ensure that it doesn't damage the hair filaments by testing the heat first. After you have prepared your hair and the clip in the extensions, then you can put in each part one by one, gently comb after each use to make your natural hair and the hair extensions mix in well together. When you clip in the bits, by taking advantage of the straightener again, it's possible that you achieve a silky finish.


Human hair extensions are phenomenal if you want a long curled appearance that looks like it is drifting in the wind. We all know that once we curl our hair, it reduces and can wind up around our ears. Thus should you need these great curls that are long, you might need to begin with long hair first, and so human extensions certainly are a great pick. Typically use some heat protective spray on your hair and also the extensions. It is also advised that you just utilize a clipless straightening iron. That signifies there is no clamp on the curling iron barrel, which might mean that the hair won't get caught and split and reduces the damage on your human hair extensions.